On June 29th, lawyers, mothers and our allies around the country are organizing to gather at our federal legislators’ offices and deliver an open letter letting Members of Congress know that swift measures must be taken to reunite the more than 2,345 migrant children who have already been separated from their parents and to prevent minors who continue to cross the border from being held indefinitely.

The Trump Administration announced its zero tolerance policy in April, directing the Department of Justice to detain and prosecute all cases of alleged improper entry. This policy led to the separation of migrant children from their detained parents under a 2014 federal court decision which prohibits migrant children from being detained in adult facilities. Over just a few weeks, thousands of children were forcibly separated from their parents resulting in chaos and national outcry. President Trump then signing an executive order purporting to end family separation. However, that same order, called for the Department of Justice to continue prosecuting all first-time, misdemeanor offenses of improper entry and to hold migrant children in detention with their parents. Unless the governing court order is modified, the Executive Order either requires the Department of Justice to violate federal law by holding children in adult detention indefinitely or continue separating them from their parents after 20 days. Either result is unprecedented in US policy and untenable for affected families.  

We are Lawyer Moms who jumped into this fight simply because we could not tolerate the separation of migrant children from their parents. We have been vocal on this issue since June 8, 2018. The President's June 20 executive order is not enough; our biggest takeaway from it is that activism works. Constituent pressure works. We must keep the energy going until every separated child is reunited with her family and no child languishes in federal detention facilities.

Each of us would do anything to keep our children safe.

Each of us swore an oath to defend the Constitution.

We will not let this unconscionable practice stand on our watch. Join us. Let's make some noise.

The more than 330 events across the country can be found here.